Exfoliating luffa disc

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    These discs are handmade, hand-cut and sewn with cotton thread. Its rounded shape is ideal for cleaning the face comfortably and not aggressively. Luffa exerts a gentle exfoliation, which eliminates dead cells and excess fat, avoiding the appearance of acne or blackheads. In addition, it stimulates blood circulation, improving the appearance of your skin from the first days of use.



    Made with natural luffa, sewn with cotton thread
    Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive
    Reduces excess fat in the skin, removes dead cells and prevents the appearance of acne
    Without pesticides or any irritating substances
    Cultivated and made in Spain


    Rinse after each use, drain and let air dry
    Recommended, every so often, put the wet disc in the microwave for 10-20 s to eliminate possible bacteria

    DIAMETER 7 cm