LESS is not just a bulk grocery store. Nor is it just a fight against single-use plastic (which we already know is the devil). It is a space dedicated to raising awareness and promoting responsible consumption to minimize our impact on nature.

Our current lifestyle is based on immediacy, without thinking about the origin or how a product has been made. We waste huge amounts of food; we go to the latest fashion and change mobile every year.

We want to do our bit to make it easier for you to opt for more sustainable alternatives, offering you all the information and affordable prices so you can consume only what you need, being aware of where it comes from or what impact it has and deciding on that basis.


National and imported bulk products, often organic, and extra quality and fair price

Seasonal and locally sourced fresh produce

Sustainable household and personal hygiene products without packaging or reusable packaging, 100% recyclable or compostable.

Bulk cleaning products, biodegradable or from natural raw materials.


The idea is to bring your own containers and fill them with whatever you need. Although we have paper bags at your disposal, we prefer to avoid them, so if you bring your containers you will get a 5% discount on each product you buy with your container. ¡ You have no idea how much waste you can avoid by doing your bulk shopping!

Also, you can place your order through the Web. In these cases, your purchases will be in paper bags (which we invite you to reuse for other purposes). For shipments, we try to reuse as much as possible, using the same boxes from our suppliers and shredded papers of all kinds to cushion the products.