TIO replacement toothbrush head | Soft hardness

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Packaging with 2 TIO replacement toothbrush heads | Soft hardness. They are made from vegetable and renewable raw materials. In addition, as you keep the original handle, production costs and waste generation are reduced.


Made from 100% renewable raw materials
Bio-based bristles obtained from castor oil
Cellulose head
Cardboard packaging certified FSC
100% vegan
Without BPA
Without oil
Various colors and hardness
Made in Germany by TIO CARE, ensuring fair working conditions, quality control and minimizing the carbon footprint of the product.

RECYCLING The cellulose head is compostable according to EN 13432 (under the right conditions, it degrades 90% within 6 months). Currently, in the Canary Islands there is no industrial composter or a specific container for this type of material, so it must be thrown into the organic container.

HEAD CHANGE After the time recommended by dentists to replace your brush (or if the bristles are badly damaged), use the clamping clip you will find on your replacement head to press the button on the back of the handle. Pull the old head gently out and replace it with the new one.